What is IGsend

IGsend from Income Group is an easy to use, flexible and affordable instant payments solution.

Replacing the legacy BACS batch based service which takes days to submit and process payments, IGsend allows instant payroll payments to be made 24/7 365.

Benefits of IGsend

More time & control

Using instant payments allows payroll teams to set their own timetable, giving more flexibility to process payroll and maximise employee experience, all while improving accuracy and lowering stress. Knowing the outcome of each payment immediately improves responsiveness –teams can work to fix and re-submit those payments on the same day leading to positive outcomes and improved wellness for employees.

Employee wellness

The ability to pay overtime, shift pay and expenses sooner, improves employee wellness and satisfaction.

A recent survey (the Harris poll) highlighted the following employee expectations:

  • 8-in-10 employees (80%) would prefer to have their pay automatically streamed into their bank account as they earn it. This is the future of ‘always on’ payroll.
  • As the war for top talent continues, most employees (78%) agree that access to real-time pay, provided to them at no cost, would increase their loyalty to an employer.
  • 81% of workers are likely to say they would take a job with an employer that provides access to real-time pay at no cost to them over an employer that does not.


Trusted by hundreds of UK businesses across multiple industries including Zellis & Moorepay, IGsend is helping strengthen the bond between employees and employers, whilst improving financial wellbeing. Income Group have partnered with Mastercard and Starling Bank and are approved by the Financial Conduct Authority, so all data and money is encrypted, regulated and safeguarded.

Reducing costs across payroll

IGsend drives cost savings and operational efficiencies across the entire payroll lifecycle, allowing for the redistribution of funds back into the employee environment.

More time to prepare and submit up to date payroll files translates to greater accuracy and reduces expensive post payroll emergency payment fees.


The payment systems regulator has already set plans in place for a review of the UK payment infrastructure. Real-time payment volumes continue to grow within the UK as more businesses recognise the benefits of moving to the digital era and are using Faster Payments. With IGsend, payments are not only limited to payroll but the service can also be used by businesses to make other key payments such as expenses, 3rd Party Suppliers, HMRC or Pension.

Key Features of IGsend

Real time payments

IGsend from Income Group enables payroll teams to make instant, real-time payments, giving the control and flexibility to pay employees when required. Each payroll transaction response is shown instantly, allowing payroll teams to identify, correct and re-submit any problem or emergency payments the same day (e.g. an employee has provided incorrect bank detail).

Easy integration

IGsend works seamlessly with existing payroll data, making the transition simple and straightforward. BACS files can still be used, and Income Group offers ongoing support and free demos of IGsend’s easy-to-use platform. Payroll files can split into multiple groups to match business lines e.g. Head Office, weekly, remote, overtime, pension, emergency, expenses etc, all submitted when required.

How IGsend works

IGsend process

The process is simple and can be completed in just two clicks. See it in action in our handy timeline.

  1. Click one – Employer approves payroll, loads data & funds then chooses a payment time. This is all done with the IGsend online platform.
  2. Click two – Employees are paid by real-time payment instantly, or on the date/time specified by the employer.

IGsend then notifies the employer of a successful payment.

Book a free demo to see IGsend in action.

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