What does Gen Z want from their employers?

In this new generation of workers, Gen Z are expecting more from their employers. They are willing to look around and wait for the perfect job if they aren’t offered what they expect from an employer.

Companies need to offer an awful lot more than they used to when advertising potential jobs. The up-and-coming Gen Z demographic, which is slowly taking over the workplace, have come to expect incentives to get their attention, let alone get them to apply for the jobs.

Hybrid Working

Hybrid working became a necessity due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Now, a lot of companies have kept going with the scheme as it has some pros for the business itself but mainly, it has so many benefits to give your employees the option to work from home.

Because hybrid working is now so common, it is expected in job adverts. Especially for Gen Z who have grown up with online learning and Microsoft Teams meetings as a part of normal life.

Gen Z are looking out for hybrid working in the job description as though it were a normal offering. It has been reported that, currently 49% of Gen Zers have worked remotely at some point, while three-quarters say remote would be their preferred model of working.

Many job advert posts now mention hybrid working. This is because employers know they are likely to get more interest and serious applicants when offering these incentives to the new group of Gen Zers taking over the workplace.

Hybrid Working


Wellbeing was something that used to be brushed under the carpet for the older generations. For Gen Z it is an issue they want constant awareness and sensitivity brought to.

Wellbeing has always been offered but wasn’t a prime selling point for candidates. Now, it is make or break for Gen Zers looking for work and what health and wellbeing initiatives are on offer.

Wellbeing is at the forefront of everyone’s minds and looking after your staff is a priority. There are so many wellbeing benefits a company can offer that could make the workforce more efficient. Things such as offering a four day working week to achieve a better work life balance has been proven to improve staff wellbeing.

Career Growth

Job hopping and getting experience in different companies and environments was more of a focus for millennials. The new, upcoming generation aim on climbing the ladder and developing in the companies they are in. They need the potential to grow.

For Gen Z, it has become more about professional, academic, and personal progress. Companies need to emphasise the benefits of staying with the company and employees working their way up.

This new generation need to know their ability to grow within the company, the skills they can learn and build upon whilst they are there and what resources you have that could help.

Gen Z Team Meeting

Real-Time Pay

We are now living in a world where we expect things instantly. We are used to having everything we want as soon as we realise we want it. Algorithms even predict what we want, before we even know it ourselves! We exist in a world of on demand television, instant food ordering and shopping that can arrive the same day. It has become a part of everyday life.

Because of this, the new generation are coming into the job sector and asking the question of how frequently they could get paid. This could be a make-or-break question as to whether they want the job.

Real-time payments, in which you could pay your employees instantly, is now possible with our IGsend software. IGsend enables you to pay your employees instantly, unlike BACs which will take three days to process your request. With the increasing demand for Faster Payments with Gen Z taking over the workplace, it makes sense to dive into real-time payments.

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