Income Group feature on the Payroll Podcast

Earned Wage Access – An opportunity or threat for the payroll professional. With Income Group’s CFO Ted Bechman. 

The Payroll Podcast is the most popular podcast produced exclusively for the UK and global payroll community. Presented by Nick Day, it engages in comprehensive conversations with payroll specialists about intricate subjects like international payroll laws, technology, systems, procedures, leadership, and adherence to regulations.

The podcast’s purpose is to offer assistance to the payroll industry and its practitioners in preparing for and embracing the future of payroll. From robotic process automation to blockchain, AI, strategy, wellbeing, and compliance, the podcast covers a broad spectrum of topics. Emphasising the development of payroll strategies that elevate the global status of payroll, subscribers will gain invaluable insights, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve regarding the latest trends and innovations in the field of payroll.
In this episode, our CFO Ted Bechman chats with Nick about various topics concerning payroll and Earned Wage Access:

  • EWA is not new – why is it different this time?
  • Are we now in the perfect storm of need, technology and management?
  • There has been pushback from the Payroll community – are the concerns justified?
  • EWA is just the beginning of the journey – what is the direction of travel?
  • Should the employee bear the cost of EWA in part?
  • What do you think the future of payroll looks like?

Since chatting with Nick on the Payroll Podcast, we have developed a handy ROI calculator. If you think EWA would be well received by your colleagues we believe that with your help, we could show you just how much money you could save the business.

All we need to know is:

  • Number of employees
  • Industry type

Interested in improving employee wellbeing and profitability? 10 minutes of your time is all we need – it might make a material difference to everybody.

Find out more: EWA ROI Calculator

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