Free online courses with certificates: Where to study online

The cost of living is at an all time high. Now, many workers are looking for cost-effective ways to improve their career prospects. One way of doing this is by enrolling in free online courses with a certificate or qualification upon completion. This blog looks at some of the places for free online courses with certificates.

Are free online courses with certificates worth it?

In short – yes!  More than half of employers agree that workers with self-managed online education have higher earning potential than those without. Increasing your potential take home pay without any financial outlay is a savvy decision!

Do employers value online courses?

Not only are online courses easily accessible and totally affordable, they are highly valued by many employers and recruitment agencies. According to a study from Future Learn, almost half of hiring managers perceived online education as ‘very to extremely valuable’ during the interview process.

There’s also recently been shift in value perception of online education. Three-quarters of hiring managers are more likely to hire applicants with solely online education today than they were prior to 2020. This shows the need free online courses with certificates.

What do online courses show employers?

Online learning not only shows initiative, but also highlights the ability to work independently, tech savviness and capability to stay on task at your own pace. It also demonstrates an interest in the topics studied, which are then more likely to be transferred into the workplace.

Online learner
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An interview with Total Training Providers

Beth, Marketing Manager at Total Training Provision, explained how they offer high quality online training for workers.

“At Total Training Provision we have a clear purpose; to innovate, influence and Inspire others through high quality and purposeful education and training. Our Level 2 online short courses are fully funded by the Government through something called the Adult Education Budget.”

What is the Adult Education Budget?

“The Adult Education Budget is a pot of money set aside by the Government to support adults aged 19+ to be able to expand their skills & knowledge. So, in essence, we do the hard work so you can focus on the training, all at no cost to you.”

 Who is eligible for funding?

“For any of our Level 2 online courses, to be able to claim the funding you just have to be 19+ years old, been a resident within the UK/EU for the last 3 years and you’re not on any other fully funded course.

So, whether your unemployed and looking for a new career or employed and looking to gain new skills, we have a course for you. Even better, once you have completed one course – you can go straight on to another, and it will still be fully funded! The only thing we ask is that you only complete one course at a time.”

What are some of Total Training Provisions popular courses?

“Some of our most popular course at the moment are, Level 2 Mental Health First Aid & Advocacy in the Workplace, Level 2 Counselling Skills, Level 2 Understanding Autism, Level 2 Lean Organisational Techniques, Level 2 Team leading”

You can learn more about Total Training Provision on their website.

Google Digital Garage – free online courses with certificates

One of the best free online courses with certificates. Launched in 2015, the Google Digital Garage project enables individuals and businesses to acquire up-to-date and practical digital skills, essential for ensuring they understand the fundamentals of digital marketing.

The free online learning platform delivers a full digital skills course, covering everything from social media marketing to SEO, and uses relatable examples of how a variety of businesses can utilise digital channels in different ways.

Upon completion of the online course, learners will then receive a certificate endorsed by Google and the IAB Europe. Mitch, Connor and Alice in our marketing team have all completed this course and can highly recommend it!

Learn Digital Skills with Free Training – Google Digital Garage

free online courses with certificates
Image from Google Digital Garage

Coursera – free online courses with certificates

Coursera is a global digital learning platform that offers thousands of popular online courses from leading universities. Partnered with top universities and educational outfits across the globe, Coursera aims to make post-secondary learning available through the Internet via massively-open online courses (M.O.O.C.s).

The Coursera syllabus covers business, engineering, computer technology, social science, medicine, and more. These courses are available in several countries around the world. Some can even count as credits towards completing a degree.

Google Project Management: Professional Certificate | Coursera

Learn skills on YouTube (no certificate)

YouTube is much more than cute cat and funny fail videos. It is also a fantastic recourse for learning new skills in your own time. But, like anything, there’s a method to learning how to do it. From guides through complicated software coding to practical DIY skills, there is a free tutorial for almost anything!

HubSpot Academy – free online courses with certificates

HubSpot Academy is a free online training platform for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service professionals. This eLearning platform allows students to apply and grow with free online courses and certifications. It lets users get up to speed quickly on popular business topics.

Many digital Finfluencers also regularly recommend free online courses with certificates.

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