IGsend enables accountancy firms and in-house payroll bureaus to process payroll payments in real time using Faster Payments.

IGsend works with payroll teams and accountancy firms to offer more flexibility and allow their clients to benefit from receiving their salary via Faster Payments.

Our IGsend platform integrates seamlessly with current payroll data and payments can be processed in as little as two clicks. 


Don't take our word for it...

BACS is not as cheap as you think...

Click your bank to see how much they charge for BACS transactions and file uploads. Don’t forget there are also additional charges like BACS recall, BACS trace, SUN set-up and BACS file extraction. 

  • More time

    Set your own payroll timetable to increase capability.

  • Save money

    Our tiered pricing structure ensures the best value for money when using IGsend for Faster Payments.

  • FCA regulated

    Absolute peace of mind that all client money and data is encrypted, and authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

  • Ease of use

    No changes to your existing payroll process. You’ll never look ‘BACS!’

  • Futureproof

    Relax knowing that you are prepared for future payment changes on the horizon.

  • Better wellbeing

    Strengthen the trust between your client and their employees to improve financial and mental wellbeing.

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More time

Faster payments gives you two extra days - meaning a more flexible payroll timetable.

Save money

No hidden fees, no expensive recall charges and no costly error fixes.

Easy integration

Easily process instant payments with IGsend, using your usual payroll data format.

Payroll payment software for accounting teams

IGsend enables payroll teams to make instant payments to the staff of their clients. This means employees can be paid more frequently or in-line with their working patterns.

Using instant payments allows teams to set their own timetable, giving more flexibility to process payroll and maximise value offered to their clients.

IGsend works seamlessly with existing payroll data, making the transition to using IGsend simple and frictionless.

The ability to pay employees overtime, shift pay and expenses sooner, improves wellness and satisfaction.


Meet the team

IGsend was founded in 2016, and features a team with over 75 years experience in the international banking, finance and payments industry. 

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