“We had no way to pay our staff and then we found IGsend from Income Group.”

About Hog & Hedge

Located on the A30 at Whiddon Down Services, stop at Hog and Hedge on your way to or from Cornwall, and you’ll be restored by freshly cooked food and excellent speciality coffee, with views of Dartmoor and the Devonshire fields.

What we did for them

When Hog and Hedge was setting up, they hit a problem with their bank trying to open a payment facility to pay staff. They thought they needed to use Bacs, in doing so needed a Service User Number (SUN) and they couldn’t get one!

They came across Income Group and after reading our blogs discovered that a better option was to use Faster Payments and IGsend, our payment platform.

Having finally found the help needed, the rest is history! No need for a SUN, the Income Group relationship was opened within a couple of days and IGsend was set up to work with Xero, their accounting software, making the connection simple.

Employees are paid in a matter of seconds, on time, every time, without fail.

Hog and Hedge have been a valued customer ever since.

What they said about our services

“I run a small business in the hospitality sector and Faster Payments for our payroll during this difficult time has been a life-saver.

Best of all, we were set up and running in three days. It couldn’t have been simpler.”

James Pollock, Co-founder

Hog & Hedge


Learn more about using instant payments for payroll

Instant payments don’t only need to be used in emergencies. We’ve processed over £1b worth of monthly and weekly instant payroll payments. Find out how IGsend can save you time and money.

Why use IGsend?

  • More time

    Set your own payroll timetable to increase capability.

  • Save money

    Our tiered pricing structure ensures the best value for money when using IGsend for Faster Payments.

  • FCA regulated

    Absolute peace of mind that all client money and data is encrypted, and authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

  • Ease of use

    No changes to your existing payroll process. You’ll never look ‘BACS!’

  • Futureproof

    Relax knowing that you are prepared for future payment changes on the horizon.

  • Better wellbeing

    Strengthen the trust between your client and their employees to improve financial and mental wellbeing.

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