Income Group process GSA payroll for over 3,000 employees, taking just 90 minutes from the alarm being raised

About GS Associates (GSA)

GS Associates was founded in 1997 on the principles of providing a professional, reliable and cost-effective cleaning solution, tailored to meet the individual business needs of each of their clients.

Fast forward to present day, and these principles continue to steer their business, and to which they contribute their continuing success. The GSA team throughout the UK and Ireland, work with some of the UK’s biggest names in retail and distribution. Their branding includes the tagline, ‘Clean & Simple’ which succinctly captures our approach to what we do.

What we did for them

GSA’s BACS submission failed which impacted over 3,000 of their staff. GSA contacted Income Group just before 9am on a Friday morning to see if we could help. We jumped straight to it and by 10:30am all employees had been paid. The completed cycle actually took 24 hours, and had been started on the Monday, almost as if GSA had a premonition something might not go to plan!

In short, it takes 1 day to gain access to all the Income Group benefits. Assuming all these things are complete sequentially: searching Income Group online, opening a relationship, setting up IGsend, our payment platform to work with BACS data, making a test payment to a safeguarded bank account for GSA to prefund the payroll and the most critical element – delivering employees’ salaries into their bank accounts.  

Simple, low friction and cost effective solving a real problem. In a highly competitive employment market, payroll payment failure is highly detrimental to the company and critical to low-income employees who may not have alternative access to money outside of their earnings.

What they said about our services

“Following a recent company takeover by Excellerate Group, they had advised us of the services offered by Income Group and that they would possibly be better matched to our company as offered the Faster Payment option.

This was never an option offered by the provider previously and wasn’t something GSA was aware of so this was a whole new experience.

After a meeting with Barry showing how the process would all work it seemed to be perfectly suited to GSA. We had only really touched base with Income Group before hitting the ground running and using the service almost immediately!

Faster Payments has allowed us an extra processing day which is priceless to a payroll department of this size, so the benefit we are reaping from Income Group is amazing.

GSA approached Income Group following a failure with our usual BACs service. We were failed and not made aware of the failure until the actual pay day. The original provider was impossible to get hold of, and offered no solution or back up to the failure which would have resulted in GSA having to processing manual payments for over 3,300 employees.

Thankfully with the knowledge and support from both Barry and Jason at Income Group we were able to set up immediate payments for all the failed BACS transactions meaning everyone received payment on time.

The time and cost of doing all of these payments manually would have been extremely high so the assistance from Income Group helped us financially and was much less time consuming.”

Kirsty Lyall, Finance Manager  |  GS Associates

Kirsty Lyall, Finance Manager

GS Associates

Cleaning & Support Services

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“The support we received from Income Group was nothing short of incredible. GSA partnered with Income Group to process our payroll for over 3,000 employees at extremely short notice.

In what was a very worrying time for our payroll, the support we received from Income Group – Jason and Barry especially – was nothing short of incredible.

The communication, information and processing was seamless and the outcome a very positive one. We would thoroughly recommend using Income Group and hope to develop a great relationship going forward.”

Kirsty Lyall, Finance Manager  |  GS Associates

Why use IGsend?

  • More time

    Set your own payroll timetable to increase capability.

  • Save money

    Our tiered pricing structure ensures the best value for money when using IGsend for Faster Payments.

  • FCA regulated

    Absolute peace of mind that all client money and data is encrypted, and authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

  • Ease of use

    No changes to your existing payroll process. You’ll never look ‘BACS!’

  • Futureproof

    Relax knowing that you are prepared for future payment changes on the horizon.

  • Better wellbeing

    Strengthen the trust between your client and their employees to improve financial and mental wellbeing.

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