Powering payroll payments for the digital economy

IGsend from Income Group enables payroll teams to make instant, real-time payments 24/7, 365.  It gives the control and flexibility to pay employees whenever required and to fix payroll problems immediately.  Best of all, integration with existing payroll processes is minimal, simple and secure.


Why you need real time payments



Changes can be made easily and payroll errors corrected immediately.


More Time

Our real time solution removes payroll cut off deadlines ensuring payments are made on time, every time.



Pay your people as and when you need to, or they would like. Supports employee satisfaction.



High level security with full encryption and regulatory compliance as standard across the technology…


Simple Integration

Integrates simply with no changes to your existing payroll processes


Saves you money

No more costly bank charges for recalled, cancelled or emergency payments.

Our vision

Payroll is one of the most critical payments a business can make – trust between employer and employee is paramount.  Until recently, the payroll payment process has been dominated by legacy, batch-based processes imposing fixed payroll cut-off deadlines and lacking the flexibility to meet the changing demands of today’s dynamic and evolving workforce. 

In 2019, working with our strategic partners Mastercard and Starling Bank, Income Group set out to modernise payroll payments offering businesses more time to prepare payroll combined with the ability to make payroll payments instantly – in seconds not days.  ‘Our solution – IGsend – is live in a number of UK businesses and new businesses are considering not if but when they use that solution in their enterprise.’

Ian Wheeler, Co-founder and CEO


For you and your people

Payroll manager

sends payroll to employer for approval

4:30pm on Thursday


signs off payroll and gives instruction to make payroll payments immediately or schedules payment for later date

4:30pm on Thursday

00:01 am on Friday


are paid by real-time payment

00:01 am on Friday

8:01 am Friday

Income Group

Income Group advises you/your payroll manager about any payment issues ensuring individual corrections/payments can be made using faster payment

8:01 am Friday

Don't take our word for it...


Ready to transform the way you make payroll payments?

Our brief consultations will uncover the benefits and advantages you can achieve with IGsend. From cost savings to payments reliability to process future proofing, transform your payroll payments today.